Discover how the Electric Advantage can revolutionize your business or home

There are four great advantages to using Mean Green’s electric equipment over traditional gas powered tools. They are zero emissions, low noise, zero gas,  and low maintenance. Leveraging the Electric Advantage takes away the stresses of traditional gas powered mowers. Without the harmful fumes, obnoxious noises, little maintenance, and no more trips to the gas station there is now more time to focus on the actual job! Mean Green has taken the extra work out of maintaining the yard, simply flip the switch and cut the grass. No more spending extra time maintaining the equipment.


Mean Green Mowers are 1/2 the noise level of gas powered mowers.


Using just one of our mowers is like taking 140 cars off the road per year.


We run 90% efficient and charge overnight. Save time and money at the pump.


Keep your blades sharp and your wheels greased. Seriously. That’s it.

Why Electric?

The Electric Advantage over fossil fuels for your outdoor power equipment is substantial. Switching to electric mowers and hand-held equipment has a major impact on lowering emissions AND saving you money!

Outdoor (off road) power equipment such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, grass trimmers, farm tractors, ATVs, UTVs, etc, are all part of a sparsely regulated group of fossil fuel engined products. The EPA has put very little effort into regulating emissions on these products since they are not “on-road” vehicles.

Due to this limited regulation, outdoor power vehicles have become the worst polluters and the least efficient products on the market today. Emissions are more than 30 times worse than on-road gas vehicles and efficiencies are down near 20%With the switch to electric, all of this completely changes! At Mean Green Mowers, we provide powerful replacements for polluting and inefficient outdoor products with powerful and efficient electric products that actually save you time and money! Most of our electric products run at close to 90% efficiency and only cost about 5% of the operating and maintenance cost of gas competitors.

Utilizing Mean Green’s fleet of commercial mowers and hand-held equipment means never having to sacrifice power. The CXR-52/60 is a powerful zero-turn that allows for 7 hours of continuous run time and 36 HP. But unlike its gas competitors the CXR produces ZERO emissions and is half the noise level at 82db.

Mean Green is passionate about two very important things, powerful equipment and sustainable practices. That is why each year Mean Green continues to push the power of electric and sustainable lawn care. Mean Green has developed solar technology that can be paired with our CXR and Nemesis to add to the operational time to the mowers. Even creating alternative uses for our powerful Green Lithium Batteries™, use the batteries for additional power wherever you need it!