The EVO is the flagship mower of the new “evolution” series mowers by Mean Green Mowers!  With up to 8 hours of continuous mowing time, an expansive 74″ deck, speeds up to 13mph, and horsepower comparable to a 37hp diesel mower, the EVO is sure to please most any large area mowing operators. In addition to the already exclusive patented electric ZTR features, the EVO boasts an all new hub drive system designed from heavy duty excavating equipment. The new patent pending deck lift system and battery/drive wheel arrangement provides the EVO with some of the best in class power and stability on slopes up to 20 degrees. If you have a need for a quiet, low maintenance, cost-cutting, zero emission mower capable of cutting large areas all day long, the new EVO-74 is your ultimate performer! Contact your local dealer for a demo!



The EVO was designed with maximum power in mind.  We knew it had to compete with the most powerful gas and diesel engine mowers on the market, so we combined known time tested planetary gearing with the latest electric hub motor technology resulting in our leading edge Impulse Drive System™.  The results are impressive with almost three times the power and weight carrying capability compared to our current, already powerful, 60″ ZTR mower!  The comparable horsepower of our 74″ EVO exceeds that of most 72″ gas or diesel mowers. While power is important for maintaining speed while cutting thick grass, the EVO also shines with forward ground speed of 13 mph to compete with or exceed most popular 72″ gas or diesel mowers on the market.


Speed and power are obviously important for commercial operations, but having a mower that is smart and efficient is also crucial.  The EVO is constructed of a strong aluminum alloy which provides great strength with super lightweight efficiency.  Less weight means less power to mobilize, which results in longer run times per battery charge.  Additionally, the EVO has more smart technology than most mowers.  Our full CAN bus communication system allows all of our components to “talk” to each other, providing maximum efficiency for remarkable operation.  Our patent pending deck lift system is operated with the push of a button on our new interactive glove touch screen display.  The deck can also be operated with your feet for quick movements up and down.  The new more powerful blade controllers monitor the blade motors to deliver more power than ever! The high/low blade and drive speed options allow the operator to choose the most efficient or most powerful setting.


The EVO is most impressive in the areas of low noise and endurance.  Several optional battery packs allow for cutting times of up to 8 hours on one charge!  At the high speeds of the EVO, that can add up to 20-30 acres of mowing per charge.  Mowing can start early in the morning due to the super low noise level of just 78dba which is equivalent to light car traffic outside your house.



  • Interactive Touch Screen Display
  • Impulse Drive System(IDS)™
  • Side Discharge
  • Cup Holder
  • Michelin Tweels (front)
  • ROPS
  • SmartDeck™ Electronic Deck Lift System With Foot Pedal
  • High/Low Blade Speed Control
  • Dual Support Anti-Scalp Wheel Mounts
  • Comfort Suspension Seat