Cost Savings Calculator

1) Contact a Mean Green Dealer to get a price on the Mean Green model and configuration you are interested in.
2) Study the tax credits and other incentives available in your area and determine how much you are eligible to receive.
3) Get an estimate for the cost of the gas mower you would like to compare the electric mower to.
4) Gather any information you may have about expenses for fueling and maintaining your gas mowers.

Comparative Cost Analysis

Determine the overall cost of operating an electric mower vs. an internal combustion engine (ICE) mower over their respective life cycles.


No gas or engine maintenance costs. For every hour you mow, put $9 of savings in your wallet! Save $6500* a year if you mow 700 hours!


USA engineered and built for the toughest demands of the landscaping industry.


All day battery capability provides best in class performance and reliability. Mow all the time, no stopping to refuel.


50% quieter than gas-powered mowers, start earlier and mow later without disrupting those in the area.


Relentless electric motors transfer power directly to the blades maintaining a high-speed quality cut. Now with 25% MORE POWER!


No engine exhaust emissions! Fume-free mowing means nothing but the smell of fresh cut grass.