Thank you for your interest in Mean Green Mowers!

You are one of the unique outdoor power equipment dealers that take the chance and go “outside of the box” to make your business grow and prosper. Being a dealer for Mean Green Mowers is a rare opportunity to provide your customers with an alternate choice in maintaining a beautiful lawn and yard. As a Mean Green Mower dealer, you will have a clear advantage over the other dealers in your area! You will have something totally different than any other dealer can provide.

We encourage you to proudly display our Mean Green Mowers prominently in your showrooms and in all of your marketing materials. The sale of a Mean Green Mower can mean much more than the sale of a powerful electric mower. It also provides the base for sales of other zero emission products such as cordless trimmers, blowers, and many other quiet, user friendly products. The zero emission mowing service is one of the fastest growing markets in the lawn care industry! We congratulate you on being a part of this profitable new market.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to be a stand out Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer with powerful Mean Green Mowers! We look forward to a successful relationship with you!


Joe Conrad

CEO Mean Green Products LLC