When an idea makes good common sense and is the right thing to do, most doers will take action. One hot summer day in 2008, an idea was conceived somewhat out of desperation, but mostly, because, it just “made sense”. After dealing with countless trips to gas stations, typical headaches from exhaust fumes, piercing engine noise, and continuous repairs to hydrostatic drives, belts and engine issues, we decided there must be a better way to build a zero turn mower. When some basic research was done, it was quickly discovered that outdoor power equipment, especially mowers, produced disproportionally high harmful emissions and operated extremely inefficiently. We decided to put our creative side to work and build an electric mower that would be much quieter, produce zero emissions, have minimal routine maintenance, and pay for itself in fuel savings.

Like many great ideas, Mean Green Mowers was born in a garage. Not long after that hot summer day, Joe Conrad and son, Matt Conrad, designed & built the first Commercial ZTR, all electric mower. For the past years since, Joe, Matt, and a talented core crew of craftsmen have developed innovative, common sense, commercial electric mowers and have changed the way consumers view electric powered equipment.

Mean Green Mowers are proudly manufactured in the small agricultural town of Ross, Ohio, USA with the highest degree of strength and durability utilizing aluminum alloys, high strength steel, lightening holes, and modern bending technologies. Our patented mower designs and lithium battery technology provide the operator with all day commercial run times. “We pride ourselves on being the industry innovators, not only changing the way people see our equipment, but changing the way people experience the POWER of electric.”

Mean Green Mowers…..Leading the Electric Mower Revolution!

Designed, developed, creating jobs, and USA Engineered and Built: Assembled in the USA using domestic and foreign parts.

Mean Green Celebrates10 Years of Innovation

10 years of innovation. 10 years of ingenuity. 10 years of hard work, commitment, and dedication. 10 years of growth.

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