The BUSINESS CASE for Battery Electric Power

Not so long ago, you needed to be an environmentalist to make the case for battery-powered equipment. Today you just need to use your business smarts and ask the right questions. Yes, lithium-ion power costs more up front but once you have factored in the operational advantages of gas versus electric—and compared the lifetime costs—you may have a completely different view.

Estimate your
Operational Savings






Operational Savings*$12-$15/hour$8-$10/hour$8-$10/hour$4-$5/hour$4-$5/hour
Annual Savings$12,480 – $15,600$8,320 – $10,400$8,320 – $10,400$4,160 – $5,200$4,160 – $5,200
5-Year Savings$62K – 78K$41K – 52K$41K – 52K$20K – 26K$20K – 26K

*Operational savings will vary depending on specific gas and electric mowers being compared and market conditions. Savings include 1) cost of gasoline vs. electricity consumption, and 2) comparative routine maintenance.

The numbers above are typical. But rather than document every assumption that we put into them, we invite you to use our Cost Savings Calculator to come up with your own comparison. When you provide all the inputs, you will have more confidence in the calculations.

The PEACE OF MIND CASE for Battery Electric Power

When you’re expected to deliver top quality to your customer and top efficiency to your business, everything counts.

Reliability. Your equipment has to start, it has to run, it has to be easy to maintain, and it has to put in a full day’s work, just like you. Any time that a mower spends in the shop—whether for routine maintenance like tuneups (there are none with Mean Green mowers) or major repairs—is time that it’s not in the field. Electric mowers have fewer moving parts and that means less maintenance.

Efficiency. High ground speed (that doesn’t sacrifce quality), reduced downtime (no refueling stops), and ease of operation all help you get the job done fast—so you can move on to the next one. Mean Green mowers, with speeds of up to 13mph, are likely to leave your gas mowers in the dust! Plus, with their quiet operation, you can start residential jobs earlier in the morning (or finish them later in the day) without annoying your customers.

Employee Satisfaction. Keeping good help is never easy and most lawn service professionals experience more turnover than they would like. But when you take away the gas, the fumes, and the noise of typical gas mowers, and offer the comfort of an extraordinarily smooth ride, the work can be a pleasure.

Commercial Grade

Built for the RIGORS of the landscaping industry.

All Day Power

Mow for up to 8 HOURS without recharging.

User Friendly

HALF the noise, NO fumes, and touchscreen operation.

Planet Friendly

NO emissions, NO gas spills, low carbon footprint.

Mean Green Mowers are proudly manufactured in the USA. We cut no corners and use only the finest, most durable materials. Our patented mower designs and battery technology are crafted with the commercial user in mind. “Commercial Power, All Day Long.”

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