Available for for the CXR-52/60 or The NXR-48/52 Nemesis

S.A.M. saves you money.

S.A.M. not only saves you money by absorbing free energy from the sun, but S.A.M. can also save you big money at tax time! By adding the S.A.M. option with your new CXR or NXR mower purchase, you may qualify for the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit (not a deduction, but full credit) from the value of the solar equipment and Green Lithium LEM batteries. Tax credit savings of up to $5,654 are possible with the fully equipped CXR-60 industrial mower package and up to $2,159 for the Nemesis. For a limited time, S.A.M. also qualifies you for an instant Factory CXR Mower Rebate of $500! S.A.M. can save you up to $9,555 in your first year of ownership for the CXR or up to $2,684 in savings for your first year of Nemesis ownership! See below for a complete explanation of costs.

S.A.M. saves our environment.

Energy collected from S.A.M. is immediately converted to power to assist mowing operation of the pure electric CXR or NXR mower. Compared to one inefficient gas commercial mower, one Mean Green CXR electric mower can reduce exhaust emissions equivalent to removing about 141 cars from the road per year! Even the Nemesis can reduce emissions equivalent to removing about 15 cars from the road per year by mowing just your 5 acre lot!

S.A.M. provides shade and shows you are doing your part to help save our environment.

With the flexible solar panels positioned directly above the operator, protective shade from the sun’s harmful rays is provided. Operators stay cooler and can work longer when not exposed to the high heat of the sun. The obvious solar cells on top of the solar canopy also show any on-lookers that you are partaking in sustainable mowing. Commercial operators have a distinct competitive advantage with the CXR and homeowners will be the envy of their neighbors with the Nemesis.

S.A.M. is available today!

Start saving now with easy monthly financing payments that will put money back in your pocket from the first day of use.

*Possible savings for the first year of the Mean Green electric CXR and NXR mowers equipped with the S.A.M. option are calculated as follows:


$9,555 Savings

Estimated savings after first year.

CXR-60 Industrial Mower package: $6,195

Battery package (3 LEMs All-day pack): $16,800

S.A.M. package: $2,049

CXR Mower Factory rebate (for mower with S.A.M. option): -$500

Total Cost: $24,544.00

Less Fed Tax Credit (Batt $16,800 + S.A.M. $2,049.00 = $18,849 X 30% tax credit=): -$5,654

Total Cost after Solar Tax Credit and rebates: $18,889.30

Operating Savings: $7.80/hr (gas @$3.25/gal X 2.1gal/hr = $6.83 + $.97/hr maintenance savings)

First year savings (500hrs/yr X $7.80/hr): -$3,900

Total mower cost after one year: $14,989.00

Total Savings first year: (Tax credit+Rebates+1 yr savings) $9,555


$2,684 Savings

Estimated savings after first year.

NXR-48 Industrial Mower package: $3,399

Battery package: $5,600

S.A.M. package: $1,599

Total Cost: $10,598

Less Fed Tax Credit (Batt $5,600 + S.A.M. $1,599 = $7,199 X 30% tax credit=): -$2,159

Total Cost after Solar Tax Credit: $8,438

Operating Savings: $7.50/hr (gas @$3.25/gal X 1.7gal/hr = $5.53 + $1.97/hr maintenance savings)

First year savings (70hrs/yr X $7.50/hr): -$525

Total mower cost after one year: $7,913

Total Savings first year: (Tax credit+1 yr savings): $2,684

Mean Green Products, LLC and any associates are awesome mower builders, but we are not professional tax or legal advisors. As such any information provided on any page of this flyer/website regarding possible energy tax incentives (credits, grants, rebates) is not to be construed as a guarantee of any kind of the applicability or eligibility for Federal and/or State tax incentives (credits, grants, rebates) for your particular project. Nothing contained herein is to be considered or to be relied upon as professional tax or legal advice. Please consult with your professional tax or legal advisor for the applicability and eligibility for Federal and State energy tax incentives for your situation.

200W Solar Panel

Make your electric mower a solar electric mower! Mean Green’s 200W Solar Panel is the perfect addition to the Nemesis-48/52, CXR-52/60, or just mount it to your home or trailer for an additional power source. With the 200W Solar Panel mounted to the Nemesis-48/52 requires ZERO electric at all! The power from the solar panel will be able to charge the Nemesis’ battery and make it net zero.