Break away from the Traditional and declare your Independence!  It is time for ReVolt!

ReVolt is the latest innovative mower from Mean Green Mowers that fills the final gap in the broad range of Mean Green Mowers. The ReVolt is an all-electric 48″/52″ cut dual drive wide-area walk behind commercial mower. With the option of up to 2 powerful Green Monster battery packs, the ReVolt can easily get commercial lawn care contractors through a full day of mowing on one charge.  With its low-slung, super wide stance, and our powerful battery packs hovering only 8″ above the ground, the ReVolt boasts the lowest center of gravity compared to any “gas” powered walk behind available today.  This allows the ReVolt to hug slopes with fewer worries from loss of control and oil starvation that is common with Internal Combustion Engines. Break away from the traditional.  Join the Electric Mower Revolution and show your customers and your employees that you care about emissions and noise.  It’s time for ReVolt!

Quiet, dual drive all electric walk behind.  No gas, low maintenance, and low noise.

Extra low center of gravity for positive control even on slopes.

Easy to operate walking behind…or on a sulky.



  • 3 blades per deck
  • LEM Life – up to 9000 mowing hours
  • 1-2 Green Lithium LEM48140 batteries
  • DWBX48 – 695-810 lbs. DWBX52 – 705-820 lbs.
  • Recharge time is 4-10 hrs.
  • 24 HP equivalent power
  • Battery options from over 3 hours to up to 7 hours
  • Side Discharge Deck
  • No Flat Front Tires
  • High/Low Blade Speed Control
  • Drive Speed Control System
  • 7 Gauge Steel Chassis/Deck Design
  • Dual Support Steel Anti-Scalp Wheel Mounts
  • 1/2 the noise at 76db DWBX-48, 78db DWBX – 52
  • $6.00/hour Operational Savings Per Hour