10 years of innovation. 10 years of ingenuity.

10 years of hard work, commitment, and dedication. 10 years of growth.

Since its humble beginnings in owner Joe Conrad’s garage, Mean Green Mowers has led the charge for cleaner, environmentally friendly, competitive, and powerful lawn care solutions. We do not just make the industry’s top-performing electric mowers, we are helping shape a greener future for our customers, communities, and planet.

Mean Green – A 10 Year Celebration

The Birth of Mean Green Mowers: “There Has to Be a Better Way”

10 years ago, Joe was out cutting his grass with a gas-powered zero-turn mower, and the hydrostatic gear drives went out on it. He fixed that… and had the same problem the next week. “There’s got to be a better way,” he thought. There wasn’t, at least not a commercially available way. So, Joe created one.

In his garage, Joe & son, Matt, crafted an electric mower with innovative features. Steering arms with fingertip operation, a Transform-A-Deck that could expand from 42” to 50”, dumping bed on the back, and six lead acid golf cart batteries for power. They were able to mow a few acres on a single charge — and they didn’t have to worry about those hydrostatic drive gears.

While it was not perfect, it was a start. This prototype represents not only the start of Mean Green Mowers, but our continuing commitment to innovation and improvement. Today, with advanced lithium batteries, durable lightweight materials like aluminum alloy, the Impulse Drive System, Interactive Touchscreen Display, Comfort Suspension Seat, SmartDeck, and other features, Mean Green Mowers are capable of handling up to 30 acres on a charge. And while they are tackling your biggest jobs, they are not emitting toxic gases, guzzling fuel, breaking down, contributing to noise pollution, and costing you an arm and a leg to run.

Within a year of building his first prototype, Joe left his garage behind… but he took his passion, ingenuity, and drive with him to our new manufacturing facility.


The Best Products, The Best Service, Period.

It is our belief that even if we make the most powerful, highest performing electric mowers on the market, we’re not the best unless we deliver exceptional customer service. We stand behind each of our products — and we stand behind each of our customers.

Mean Green Mowers has come a long way in 10 years, and we could not have done it without our valued customers. Where will the next 10 years take us? To a more sustainable, resilient future. We can promise you that we will remain steadfast in our commitment to quality, performance, innovation, and, as always, serving our customers with dignity, respect, and the drive to go above and beyond for them.