Power Your Life and Your Lawn…don’t just hang it on your wall!

Mean Green Mowers are the first commercial, pure electric mowers to combine a powerful electric mower with long-lasting lithium batteries. This combination leads to unprecedented mow times for any commercial electric mowers.  Our Mean Green WBX-33HD wide area walk behind, SK-48 Stalker stand-on mower, and the CXR zero turn mowers are now capable of all day, or up to seven hours, of continuous mow times on one battery pack.


Double Duty

Another great advantage of owning one of our Green Lithium Power Packs is having this huge 7 kWh energy source capable of powering your home or business in case of a power outage.  Just add an optional power inverter and you have portable power to run any household appliance.

We designed our Green Lithium Battery™ cells for our Lithium Energy Modules (LEMs) for their safety, dense energy storage, light weight, and extreme charge cycle life.

What makes Lithium different

Unlike early lithium polymer batteries used in some laptops and early electric vehicles, Mean Green’s Lithium Energy Modules (LEMs) are a much safer and more stable energy source. Our custom LEMs are constructed in their own sturdy case with individual battery management systems to control the functions of each of the lithium cells in the module. The BMS ensures the lithium cells maintain proper voltage and current output without the dangers of overheat or short circuit.  Our patent pending repairable Green Lithium Batteries™ give you the peace of mind knowing that each LEM can be repaired inexpensively rather than complete replacement like with other lithium battery packs.

Another great advantage of our Mean Green LEMs is their weight to power ratio. Our large mower LEMs weigh only 109 lbs each for easy handling and efficient operations. The amount of energy that each of our LEMs is capable of is comparable to commercial lead acid batteries weighing up to five times more. This makes Mean Green Mowers lighter and more powerful than most gas powered mowers in their class.

Power that LASTS

Many people question batteries asking “How many charges will they last?”. One of the best values of our Mean Green LEMs is the long life cycles. Each one of our Mean Green LEMs is designed, and has been tested to exceed 1500 complete charging cycles without losing any more than 10% of their capacity. Lead acid batteries will rarely exceed 300-400 charging cycles before losing up to 20% of their capacity. Recent independent tests have shown up to 4000 cycles and still only reducing capacity by 15% for our Mean Green LEMs. This means that each of our mowers can mow 6000-9000 hours. Typical LEM year life is 10-15 years, so you have plenty of time to use the energy compared to lead acid batteries that only last 3-5 years.

Mean Green LEMs are also very stable and have a very small idle-time discharge rate. This means that the LEMs only discharge about 1-2% per month while standing idle or in storage. Lead acid batteries lose as much as 20% charge per month.


Mean Green LEMs are made for life not just our mowers. With inverter technology LEMs can be used to power residential or commercial equipment.

Mean Green has developed their batteries to perform under any conditions whether that be at home, powering essential appliances during power shortages or for powering major equipment like power-washers, tillers, log splitters, flood lights, and circular saws. Mean Green had developed their products to be commercial grade, so they are ready for any job!

Green Lithium batteries™ are perfect for providing power wherever you may need it, like when camping, tailgating or when working far from a typical power source. Mean Green’s LEM’s can even be hooked to circuit in your home to provide off-grid power to selected appliances and outlets. With the addition of Mean Green’s solar panels, off-grid is closer than you could image. Mean Green’s solar panels can charge Green Lithium batteries™ during the day adding an extra level of savings for you.

But what sets Mean Green’s LEMs a part from everything else on the market is their convenience. The LEMs can be taken anywhere, wherever you are headed be sure that you will have plenty of power to take with you!

So this makes us ask the question, why hang it on the wall when you can take it with you?


Use of Mean Green smart chargers is required to maintain proper care of our Mean Green LEMs. Soon after each use, LEMs should be connected to our smart chargers and completely recharged. Our smart chargers will charge the LEMs at a programmed voltage and current rate to assure long life and full capacity charging. The smart chargers can be left plugged in to the LEMs overnight or for short term storage.  We recommend leaving about half capacity charge on our LEMs for longer term storage over the winter or idle months with periodic voltage checks to assure a stable state of charge.