How do I charge my Mean Green mower? 
Each mower features an external charger that is positioned between the outlet and the mower. One end of the charger connects to a standard 110V or 220V power supply and the other end connects to the mower through a proprietary connector. Mean Green Mowers offers 23A 110V, 35A 220V, or 50A 220V to choose from at the time of purchase.

What are the charging times for each machine?
Charge times vary by battery size and charger selection. Please refer to the table below to help determine the best solution for you:

Are Mean Green Mowers water resistant? How do I clean my mower?  
All Mean Green Mowers are water resistant. However, to prolong the life of the mower, do not spray electric components or under the seat with water. We recommend using compressed air or a blower instead. We do not recommend using solvents, hard cleaners, or abrasives on your machine.

Can I use a Mean Green mower in the rain? 
All Mean Green Mowers have been tested and can be used in the rain much like any other ICE mower. Since Mean Green Mowers use the low nominal voltage of 48VDC (much like forklifts and golf carts), there is very little chance of shock. Many competitor electric mowers use voltages above 60VDC, which are not considered safe from shock, according to OSHA and IEC 62368-1:2014.

Can I use a Mean Green mower on hills? 
Mean Green Mowers are safe to operate on inclines due to their patented battery placement that provides an ultra-low, centralized center of gravity. Our FURY and NEMESIS models are safe to use on inclines up to 15 degrees, while the VANQUISH, RIVAL, and EVO models are safe up to 20 degrees.

What happens when the battery is depleted? Can I get the mower back to the trailer or shop?  
On the rare occasion that a Mean Green Mower depletes its entire battery capacity by the end of a day, rest assured that the mower will not be stranded. Mean Green Mowers utilize software restrictions that will automatically turn the mower blades off at a low voltage.  There will still be plenty of battery power left to drive the mower (with the blades off) for up to 15 minutes after the blades shut down.

What is the life of the battery? How many cycles will it last? Will I ever need to replace it? 
Mean Green batteries are rated for up to 2,000 cycles before reducing to 80% capacity. One cycle is a full day of mowing (up to 8 hours), so it’s possible to see a battery life of over 12,000 hours.

Every battery is also designed with replaceable modules. If there is ever an issue where a Mean Green battery is not performing properly, simply switch out the needed component instead of replacing the entire battery.

What is the decibel level of the mower with the blades turned on? How much quieter is a Mean Green Mower than an equivalent gas mower?  
The decibel range for Mean Green Mowers is 78-82 db with blades on high speed. This is about 2-4 times quieter than any ICE mower in production today.

What is the blade speed and how does it compare to gas mowers? 
The blade speed of Mean Green Mowers is set to 18,250 fpm. Our patented blade speed control adds power to the electric blade motor (as needed) in order to maintain a constant blade tip speed. This tip speed provides an excellent quality of cut while ensuring safe user operation.

A typical ICE mower will have a maximum tip speed of about 17,500 fpm until the drive wheels are engaged and the blades begin to cut. As the engine slows down in thicker grass, the blade will slow as well, greatly reducing the tip speed and quality of cut.

Are rear tweels an available option? What are the benefits of tweels? Are they installed at the factory or at the dealer? 
Rear tweels can be added to all RIVAL, EVO, NEMESIS, and VANQUISH models at your local Mean Green dealer. Rear tweels prevent flat tires that consume large amounts of operator’s time. Real tweels also have the added benefit of providing a shock-absorbing effect for operator comfort and extra stability on hills.

How do you adjust the sensitivity of the controls and slow the mower speed down? 
Mean Green Mowers feature two different speed options that can be selected on the touchscreen display. High Speed (or “transport speed”) is indicated when the wheel icon becomes green. We recommend using Low Speed for precise cutting and reduced sensitivity.

Do you offer a high lift blade? 
Mean Green Mowers is proud to be adding this option soon. High lift blades will be available to purchase starting in Spring 2024. Sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss it!

Does Mean Green offer product demos before purchase? 
Yes! Contact us to schedule your FREE product demo.


No gas or engine maintenance costs. For every hour you mow, put $9 of savings in your wallet! Save $6500* a year if you mow 700 hours!


USA engineered and built for the toughest demands of the landscaping industry.


All day battery capability provides best in class performance and reliability. Mow all the time, no stopping to refuel.


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Relentless electric motors transfer power directly to the blades maintaining a high-speed quality cut. Now with 25% MORE POWER!


No engine exhaust emissions! Fume-free mowing means nothing but the smell of fresh cut grass.