General Questions

The most compelling reasons to purchase our CXR zero turn mower are: Low noise, zero fuel and oil costs, zero emissions, and status that you made a move toward going “green”.

Our mowers are about half the noise of typical gas zero turn mowers (less disturbance for workers and/or students).

Our LEMs last about 1500 charging cycles and last 10-15 years (you should never need to replace these batteries within the first 10-15 years – or the life of the mower). With just 2ea of the LEM80s, you could mow about 3000 hours. In fuel savings alone, this would save about $18,000.00 for the life of the mower and batteries (LEMs). 4ea LEMs would save about $36,000.00 in fuel over 6000 hrs of mowing. No oil changes, no air filter changes, no spark plug changes, no hydrostatic transmission oil to change, etc would save thousands more.

Our mowers are true Zero Emission mowers on site. Even expensive propane and CNG mowers only reduce emissions by 20-40%.

It says a lot to your community that you are doing your part to go zero emission.

About our Lithium Energy Modules… The lithium cells we use are now being used by several electric car manufacturers including Ford. These are the safest, lightest, longest lasting, proven lithium batteries on the market. They are a bit expensive up front, but they last about 5 times longer than standard lead acid batteries and hold their voltage much better. Think of it as buying your fuel for the life of the mower up front at five cents on the dollar.

Mowing with the CXR is basically the same as any gas zero turn mower. We run the same or faster blade tip speeds which gives a great looking cut. The rear of our deck is slightly lower than the front to give a nice “striped” look. Our blade tip speed is about 17,000 fpm which is a typical commercial cutting tip speed. Residential mowers run about 15,000 fpm.

Our mowers are built strong and light through aerospace type angular steel construction. We use thick 7ga steel on our chassis and mower deck to stand up to years of punishment.

For single properties of about five acres, I would suggest purchasing 1ea LEM48140. This should give you about to two hours of mowing time.

Gas powered lawn/outdoor equipment and farm equipment are the two worst polluters out there. These products have not been very well regulated by the EPA until recently. Even now, these polluters are still way behind the automotive industry in pollution control. In one hour, one gas riding mower produces as much pollution as 39 new cars traveling at 60 mph! This means that every Commercial Mean Green Mower that replaces an existing gas riding mower, will take the equivalent pollution of about 140 new cars off the road (assuming about 500 hours per year mower usage).

Mean Green Mowers can save you money from the day you start using them. There is no maintenance on Mean Green Mowers other than occasional inspections for safety and a few grease fittings. This saves you money because there is no oil, spark plugs, oil filters, air filters, hydraulic fluid, and so on, to purchase and maintain. Best of all, there is no gas to purchase and haul around in your trunk. You will see savings of hundreds or thousands (commercial) of dollars per season on parts and fuel alone, not to mention the high labor costs to accomplish the maintenance.

This is one advancement that will be sure to get the attention of the lawn care industry. With the price and pollution of gas, this just makes sense.

Most people are willing to pay “a premium” for true “green” lawn care. Between the ultra-low operating costs (about 30 cents per hour for electricity) and a premium charge for “green” mowing, Mean Green Mowers will pay for themselves quickly.

The commercial model is a two year limited mower warranty and a three year limited battery warranty. Almost any mechanic or local mower repair shop can easily repair Mean Green Mowers with the help of our hotline.

Like gas with gasoline powered mowers, the battery charge time is reduced in very tall grass. The quoted battery times are for “normal” grass, but thick, heavy and wet grass can reduce times by 20%. Similarly, light, dry grass will make the batteries go even further.

All parts are available immediately from us as we manufacture the mowers. Mower blade motors are quick and easy to replace in case of a failure or damage. Blade motor costs are similar to spindle replacement on most mowers.

Ground clearance is not a problem with the deck on the commercial unit. Like most mowers, it will raise about five inches off the ground. The lower drive plate is also about six inches, but directly under the rear wheels.