2020 was a memorable year for all of us with many ups and downs in our personal lives as well as the landscape industry. For us at Mean Green Mowers, 2020 was a year that started with excitement followed by doubt, change, and then renewed excitement!

Excitement dominated the first quarter of 2020 with the rollout of our new Evolution Series Rival and Evo. We began filling orders to our Dealers in February and March and went on to sell more Rivals and Evos in 2020 than all of our mowers combined from 2019! The Rival 60 and Evo 74 proved to be as exciting as we predicted with faster speeds, considerably more blade and drive wheel power, and much more high-tech features like out Smartdeck lift system and touch screen display.

Doubt quickly surged in second quarter as COVID 19 spread in late March and April. Like most of you, we all wondered how this would affect our personal and business lives. As severe as the virus tuned out to be, we were surprised and fortunate to discover that people took to their backyards and helped the landscape industry go on to a record year.

Change happened for us at Mean Green in the third quarter. On September 1st Generac Power Systems

acquired Mean Green Mowers. This change was a much-anticipated move for us at Mean Green. We welcomed the great new possibilities that Generac had to offer a smaller but up and coming business like Mean Green. Generac offered us the financial and distribution strength that Mean Green needed to rapidly grow in the “battery” powered future of outdoor power equipment.

Renewed Excitement dominated the Mean Green team late in the fourth quarter. With the Generac acquisition settling in, it became obvious that growing Mean Green was top priority along with developing more battery products. Plans for 2021 included rapid sales and manufacturing growth right from our existing facility in Hamilton, Ohio.

2021 is shaping up to be an unprecedented year of growth for Mean Green Mowers with the backing of Generac Power Systems. Our goals align well as Generac eases into a true “power” company with the onset of new battery backup and management systems. The prospect of Generac’s extensive global distribution network has created some very exciting potential for rapid growth of Mean Green Mowers as well.

Our Mean Green promise to all of our customers for 2021 is equally exciting. Not only will we provide a much more extensive dealer network for closer, easier sales, but we will also be able to offer much better customer care. The combination of more local dealers and even more reliable mowers for 2021 will keepMean Green Mowers as the dominant electric mower manufacturer of choice for all commercial and prosumer mower markets!

Our Mean Green team would like to Thank All of You for all your support over the last 10 years. Our promise to you is to continue developing the utmost high tech, reliable electric mowers in the industry. We look forward to a long and prosperous future with all of our current and future Mean Green customers. Be sure to visit our website often for more exciting up and coming products throughout the year. Especially watch closely in the next few weeks for some exciting news about our latest electric product that will be hard for most any other mower manufacturer to stand!


Joe Conrad


Mean Green Mowers