According to data from the World Health Organization, nine out of ten people across the globe breathe air that contains high levelsof pollutants on a daily basis.  Most people believe air pollution is only produced from factories, big trucks, and other things. Those same people believe they can’t control pollution. How you travel, eat, and even take care of your lawn, though, actually has a big impact on the air you breathe. In fact, with just a few small changes, you could personally reduce air pollution in your area. Take a look at a few changes you could be making now.  

  • Think About Your Vehicle: Inspections and checkups can help you reduce your emissions because if your car is well-tuned, you’ll be letting fewer gasses and toxins in the air. When it’s time to purchase a new car, you may want to go with a hybrid or an electric vehicle to slow pollution, too. They don’t pollute the atmosphere the way traditional vehicles do, and they often offer a serious savings at the pump, too.  
  • Eat Differently: Not sure how that one bag of chips has anything to do with air pollution? What you buy and consume must be trucked to your local store. If you eat locally produced fruits, vegetables, and meats, those items will have to travel fewer miles to reach your table. Add your own garden into the mix and you reduce air pollution a bit more. You won’t be responsible for the food being trucked to your location, and you get a bonus: eating healthier! 
  • Stop Burning: Whether you regularly burn your garbage or you love a good weekend bonfire, understand the connection between burning and pollution. The smoke that often comes with a fire means unhealthy levels of pollution, particularly in urban areas. If you do decide to have a campfire, keep it fairly brief and very small (less than three feet across). Use only dry, clean wood, and don’t burn if your area is currently under an air quality alert.  
  • Make Some Home Upgrades: Making a few changes to your space at home could have real benefits when it comes to pollution. Fossil fuels tend to be a major component of air pollution. Just using less electricity at home can reduce the demand. Turn the lights off when you leave, get more efficient bulbs and appliances, and try to cut down on your use of air conditioners and heaters to help conserve energy. Additionally, paying attention to your lawn and how you care for it could help. Consider planting native plants that don’t need to be mowed as often. Invest in energy efficient mowing products or hire a landscaper who does to help reduce emissions, too.  

Air pollution isn’t going to go away on its own. Instead, it’s up to us to do what we can to change the situation for the better, and Mean Green is doing what it can to produce the equipment necessary to stop pollution. Shop our complete supply of electric lawn care equipment, and start down the path to less pollution in your area.