You know lawn care is important to keeping your outdoor living space as beautiful, but how can you make that happen with the often extreme and varied weather conditions in the US? Fortunately, with a few simple lawn care tips, that emerald green grass is within reach!

Water Regularly: According to the US EPA, more than half of all water use outdoors comes from lawn care. That’s not unreasonable, though. Healthy lawns need at least an inch of water per week, and if it hasn’t rained for some time in your location, you may need to help your lawn with some careful watering. Your best bet is to keep a rain gauge outside to ensure your grass is getting enough water on a regular basis. Well installed irrigation systems can help your grass get the water it needs, too, without wasting a drop.

Fertilize Strategically: Many people see a withering lawn and think about the need for fertilizer, but that’s not always the case. It’s best to fertilize before and after the heat during spring and fall, not during summer’s hottest temperatures. Wondering why? Fertilizer during those hot months could actually burn the tender grass on your lawn, creating real issues that you may have to deal with down the road.

Control the Traffic: Kids, pets, neighbors, and others may use your lawn as their personal path to the driveway or the road. If you can control the traffic through the lawn, you may be able to eliminate potential damage. Create stone pathways where people are most likely to walk and help remind your children that bare spots on the lawn won’t be any fun for anyone!

Tackle Weeds and Insects: Few things can derail a meticulous lawn care routine quite like weeds and insects, yet summer is the time when both of these thrive. Consider herbicides that work in spring and fall without harming your grass to deal with the weeds. Keep in mind that using these products in the heat of summer, though, could harm your grass, so you may need to hand-pull some weeds to get them out of the way. Insects can be a real issue, too. Watch your grass carefully for the damage from common problems like chinch bugs, sodworms, and grubs. Often you can find off-the-shelf solutions at your hardware store to deal with many of those bugs.

Mow Regularly: Routinely mowing as part of your lawn care regimen can mean deep grass roots that help keep your space absolutely beautiful. Mow at a height of about three inches, and raise your mower blade if necessary. Try to avoid cutting more than 1/3 of your grass at any given time. Your best bet is to keep your mower blades as sharp as possible, as then they will actually cut through your grass, not just tear it off. Many of our products feature anti-scalp wheel mounts to help prevent mowing your lawn too closely.

Taking care of your lawn is the key to protecting your outdoor living space keeping it beautiful year after year. Make Mean Green part of your lawn care equation for a greener lawn and a greener future.