There are two ways to view the future: as something we let happen or as something we create. At Mean Green Mowers, we know that with innovation and commitment, we can build a better future for communities, businesses, and the planet. Autonomous mowers represent one great step towards this goal, empowering you to achieve exceptional results, cut costs (as well as lawns), and achieve efficiency that surpasses the industry standard.

A Forward-Looking Partnership

Autonomous mowers are not a new invention; several models exist, but they are geared towards the private, residential market. When you own and operate a landscaping business, you need a machine that can keep up with the demands of the job.

Mean Green Mowers, in partnership with Kobi, is developing an autonomous commercial electric zero-turn mower. That’s right: a “self-driving” mower that runs on sustainable electricity and is built to handle multiple projects, large and small.

The Mean Green 74” EVO & 48” NXR Autonomous Mowers will deliver a number of benefits for business owners, including:

  • Accelerated Return-on-Investment. With many pieces of commercial equipment, we measure the ROI in years… If we see one at all. What if you could make your money back in months instead? Given the affordability of our planned autonomous mowers, possible tax credits, the decrease in manhours, and a reduction in fuel and maintenance, you can see your return on a significantly accelerated timeframe.
  • A Viable Solution to the Labor Shortage. Finding and retaining reliable, skilled employees is growing to be more and more of a challenge in the landscaping industry. An autonomous, electric zero-turn commercial mower provides a solution. You can reduce a crew of two, for example, down to one and get the same amount of work (or even more) done in the same amount of time. This does not mean you have to lay off staff, though: you can direct crew members to more complex jobs that require human thought and decision-making – and that adds to your bottom line.
  • The Power of AI. Speed and accuracy are critical for landscape professionals: you don’t want a mower that’s going to go rogue, after all. Mean Green Mowers and Kobi utilize the latest computer vision technology and AI to eliminate those concerns. These mowers will work around and under trees, close to walls, around flowerbeds, and in other tight spaces with great precision.
  • Cost Savings. Mean Green Mowers run at 90% efficiency and require zero gas. Instead of fuel purchases and a lengthy maintenance list that includes adjusting, repairing, and replacing belts, filters, pulleys, and so on, you just keep your battery charged, your blades sharp, and your wheels greased. When you factor in the labor cost savings, an autonomous mower can save you $20 – $30 an hour. Every hour. Every day. Every project.



In addition, Mean Green’s autonomous mowers will provide the same exceptional benefits of our ride-on and walk-behind electric commercial models:

  • Zero Emissions. With notoriously terrible efficiency rates, conventional gas- and diesel-powered mowers are major polluters: one 24 HP commercial ZTR produces as much emissions in one hour as 88 cars driving at 55 mph (and don’t forget about the toxic fumes, carcinogens, and particulates). Swapping out just one commercial electric mower is the equivalent of taking 140 cars off the road each year. The future is looking a lot cleaner.
  • Quiet Operation. A conventional mower produces between 95 – 100 decibels (dB) of noise – the equivalent of a jet taking off or a jackhammer. This not only puts your crew at risk for hearing damage, it can impact the surrounding community and even wildlife. Mean Green Mowers emit a max of 80 dB. This is about the same level as a low background conversation in a restaurant.
  • 100% USA-Made. As always. Your mower is going to be designed in the US. It is going to be manufactured from US-sourced lightweight, ultra-strong aluminum alloys and steel with the most advanced lithium battery technology in the industry. It is going to be hand-built in Ross, Ohio for superior quality and durability. Your mower is creating great jobs for Americans.

With Mean Green Mowers autonomous mowers, you will not only solve labor shortage issues, manage costs, and satisfy customers, you are a key part of the solution as we work towards a green future. Mean Green and Kobi will be testing our autonomous mowers in 2020, with production planned for 2021. Stay tuned to our blog for news and updates or locate a dealer today to learn more about our current lineup of electric mowers.