Fuel-efficiency or power? Low noise or greater cutting capacity? No emissions or extended run times? Eco-consciousness — or results?

In the past, consumers had to ask these tough questions, juggling what they wanted, needed, and could fit into the budget, with the drive to reduce their environmental impact and adopt green technology.

Let’s put the past where it belongs: behind us. With today’s most advanced electric mowers, it is no longer necessary to sacrifice power, operation, cutting capacity, run times, or results.

Whether you are mowing your lawn after work, a five-acre lot on the weekend, or a full schedule of commercial properties every day, the field’s top performers get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Electric mowers are a forward-thinking solution that you can put to work today.

No Compromise

Electric has the power to revolutionize the residential and commercial mowing industry. Advanced green technology benefits the environment, your neighborhoods and clients, and your budget.

Low Maintenance

Gas mowers feature internal combustion engines; gas, oil, spark plugs, fuel filters, belts, pulleys… the list of components that you must maintain goes on and on. Routine maintenance is a chore and an unavoidable expense.

With electric Mean Green Mowers, you dramatically cut the time, money, and effort you exert on upkeep. Your maintenance to-do list:

·        Grease the two grease fittings on the front wheels every 50-100 hours.

That’s it. No changing the oil and spark plugs. No checking belts. No worrying about fuel leaks. No rebuilding carbs/injectors. No waiting on the sidelines until your mower is ready to get back to work.

Zero Emissions

Emissions contribute to smog, acid rain, forest death, reduced visibility, and climate change. But how much impact can we make by switching to electric mowers? You may be surprised.

Gas mowers are among the least efficient (~20%) and most polluting products on the market. While automobiles are highly regulated by the EPA, mowers and other lawn equipment have been allowed to slide behind the times. Emissions are 30 times worse than gas-powered cars and trucks.

When you push your 3 HP mower around your yard for an hour, you produce as much emissions as 11 new cars traveling at 55 MPH. If you tackle a large job with a 24 HP zero-turn, you generate as much emissions in one hour as 88 cars.

That’s unacceptable. And it’s completely avoidable. A zero emissions mower is not only possible, it’s a reality. Electric mowers are setting the standard for the entire industry.

Low Noise

What’s the difference between 100dB (decibels) and 80dB? It’s the difference between risking permanent hearing damage and operating safely. It’s the difference between doing your work efficiently and irritating your neighbors. If you’re a commercial mower, it can also be the difference between attracting clients such as resorts, schools, hospitals, care facilities, and more.

Gas-powered mowers operate at about 100dB. For every 6dB difference in sound, noise doubles. This means a 100dB lawn mower is twice as loud as a 70dB mower. Mean Green Mowers never exceed 80dB and that sounds great to us.

Zero Gas 

 What if you could eliminate all those trips to the gas station? Imagine what you could do with all that time and all that money! Stop imagining; start planning. Mean Green Mowers are powered by sophisticated, efficient Lithium Energy Modules. These batteries are durable, powerful, and environmentally responsible.

Operating at about 95% efficiency (compared to 20% for gas mowers), electric models deliver exceptional energy- and cost-savings. You can save $5 – $8 per mowing hour.

Off-grid charging options expand your flexibility even further. The S.A.M. (Solar Assisted Mowing) canopy accessory, for example, allows you to convert solar energy to assist the battery as you mow. It can also qualify you for a sizeable tax credit.

The math is simple: zero gas = zero gas costs, zero trips to refuel, zero gas leaks, zero noxious fumes.

Built in the USA

Every Mean Green Mower is hand-built in Ross, Ohio. Every step of the design and development process takes place in the USA. Every component that goes into every mower is of the highest quality. Every customer contributes to the creation of American jobs.

Mean Green is proud to be made in the USA. We are committed to helping build a green future right now, right here.

Walk-Behind Mower Model Comparisons

If flexibility and maneuverability are priorities, Mean Green walk-behind mowers deliver. The WBX-33HD and DWBX ReVolt are designed with a wide stance and low center of gravity to tackle uneven, sloping terrains. They are also ideal for more confined spaces (e.g. mowing between rows of trees or bushes) and can handle residential and light commercial projects with ease.

As with all Mean Green Mowers, you can expect excellent run time (about 7 hours), superior results, and eco-friendly performance. In addition, you’ll save about $5 – $6 for every mowing hour. Not bad for a day’s work.

Ride-On ZTR Mower Model Comparisons

Big jobs call for serious mowers. Mean Green has the solution for your unique needs:

●       CXR-52/60. If you’ve got a lengthy project list, the CXR is your mower. It’s powerful (generating more horsepower than most comparable gas-powered ride-ons), fast, and offers terrific run times. It’s best for light to heavy commercial use.

●       SK-48 Stalker. This stand-on is lean and mean. The Stalker’s low center of gravity make it ideal for uneven turf and maintaining those hard-to-reach spots. Great for residential and light commercial jobs.

●       NXR-48/52 Nemesis. Light, agile, and stealthy, the Nemesis gets residential and light commercial tasks done right. It’s easy to maneuver, even on tough terrain.

Expect to fully realize all the advantages of efficient, effective electric mowers, while saving between $7 – $8 per mowing hour.

Your Advantage

You may want to maintain a nice yard and reduce your environmental impact. You may want to attract eco-conscious clients or contribute to a green future by reducing air and noise pollution. You may want to see an excellent return on your investment and enjoy a mower that requires very little maintenance. You may want all of this and more.

Don’t worry: Mean Green Mowers are built to tackle the toughest jobs and to meet the highest customer expectations.

Seize the electric mower advantage for your home, for your business and for a green future.

Be part of the solution that moves us towards a greener, more sustainable futureconnect with Mean Green today or click here to locate a dealer near you.