Did you know that the sun delivers enough energy to Earth every hour to power the world’s economy for an entire year? It’s mind-boggling. Now if we could just harness that energy more effectively and efficiently to green up the environment — and not break our wallets. We’re getting there, and S.A.M. (Solar Assisted Mower) Canopy is a big step forward.

Meet S.A.M.

Electric Mean Green Mowers already eliminate emissions, noxious fumes, and those all-too-frequent trips to the gas station for more fuel. With the Solar Assisted Mower option, you can also utilize completely free, completely clean energy. Here’s why S.A.M. is a powerful solution:

  • With passive solar energy, you actively save the environment. S.A.M. features a canopy-style design with flexible solar panels positioned directly above you. These convert solar energy to additional power for your LEM battery pack.

Think mowing your lot won’t make much of an impact on the environment? Think again: even if you use our leanest, meanest mower, the Nemesis, to do a five-acre lot, you cut emissions equivalent to taking 15 cars off the road per year. For a bigger CXR, bump that up to 141 cars.

  • You’ll see more green in your budget. Absorbing free energy from the sun already cuts your ownership costs dramatically. S.A.M. can also put money back into your pocket. You may qualify for a 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit. This is not a deduction; it’s a full credit of up to $5654 (for fully equipped CXR-60) and up to $2159 (for Nemesis).

  • Your commitment to sustainable mowing is obvious. The Solar Assisted Mower canopy is an eye-catcher. It announces that you are using clean energy and that you care about the future of the planet.

As more consumers seek energy-efficient, non-polluting solutions, green services like mowing are highly sought after. S.A.M. is essentially an advertisement that tells customers about your commitment to the environment. And for homeowners, it’ll make you the envy of the neighborhood.

  • The solar panels protect you from the sun. Love mowing on blazing hot days? Of course not, we don’t either. S.A.M. keeps strong rays off you, increasing your productivity. Stay cool, and get the job done.

S.A.M. is a revolution on top of an already-revolutionary electric mower. You’ll not only get the results you need, you’ll get the energy-saving, emissions-reducing, cost-cutting benefits you want. Locate a dealer near you today to learn more about the Solar Assisted Mower Canopy.