Has anyone tried to get your attention when you’re mowing? Between the roar of your engine and the hearing protection (we recommend you always use hearing protection!), they’d have to set off a firecracker in front of you to cut through the noise (we recommend never setting off firecrackers in close proximity!). The point is: gas-powered mowers are loud.

Electric mowers cut down on the noise — substantially — as well as the harmful effects on your environment.


A typical gas-powered mower operates at about 95-100dB (decibels). And unfortunately, the louder, the better for these gas guzzlers. According to a study published in the Acoustical Society of America Journal, noise is directly linked to a mower’s cutting efficiency.

An industry-leading Mean Green electric mower knocks the decibels down to a maximum of 80dB. From 95-100 to 80 is certainly a big drop, but is it enough to protect your hearing and reduce noise pollution?

Let’s back up for a second and take a quick look at decibels and your hearing. When exposed to 100 dB for about eight hours, you risk serious damage. The math is more complex here: 100dB is eight times louder than 70dB.

With every 6dB difference in sound, noise doubles. This means an 80dB mower produces less than half the noise of an 86dB mower. Noise decreases exponentially when you trade that 100dB monster for an 80dB model.

So, is louder still better? Mean Green mowers deliver horsepower that exceeds most gas mowers and maximum torque from the start. Cutting efficiency is not compromised.

Reducing Impact on Your Environment

This is good news for your ears, as well as those in your immediate area. Noise pollution decreases quality of life, and it can be especially detrimental to students. If you mow commercially and handle schools, nursing home facilities, resorts, hospitals, etc., being able to offer a quieter solution gives you a big competitive advantage.

And if you simply mow your own lot, it will help nurture friendlier relationships with your neighbors — especially if you like to cut the grass early on a Saturday morning!

Another important factor to consider is the health of area wildlife; human-generated noise impacts entire ecosystems. It can, for instance, reduce animals’ own ability to hear, which puts them at risk from predators. A quiet mower is one step you can take to create a greener future for all of us.

Instead of the roar of a jet engine, a Mean Green electric mower emits noise levels similar to background conversation in a restaurant. And that sounds much better to us!

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