Whether it’s routine maintenance on a golf course or a thick, overgrown, and wet lawn, you need a powerful mower to get the job done. When it comes to power, does an electric mower really hold up against gas models? Definitely, today’s most advanced electric mowers are more than up to the challenge.

The Power of the Past

In the past, electric mowers came with a few limitations: corded models obviously made it difficult to mow large areas, and battery powered models often couldn’t hold a charge long enough. That, and they weren’t up to the challenge of that thick, overgrown grass. In those days, gas was the better option in terms of cutting power.

The Evolution of Electric

That is no longer the case, the balance of power has shifted and industry-leading electric mowers more than hold their own. In terms of horsepower, for instance, the Mean Green CXR 52/60 ZTR Commercial Electric Mower delivers the equivalent of 36 HP.

This is higher than industry-leading gas models. It also delivers maximum torque from the start, ensuring electric mowers are powerful enough to handle just about any turf surface. Additionally, battery options give you from two to seven hours of runtime. With options for quick recharging and recharging via solar or wind energy, your mower will be ready to work when you are.

The Future is Green

So, yes, electric models can be powerful. But, as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Traditional mowers are remarkably inefficient and… well, dirty. Operating at about 20% efficiency, they produce disproportionately high levels of emissions. Running a 24 HP gas-powered commercial ZTR mower for one hour generates emissions equivalent to 88 cars traveling at 55 MPH.

Switching to electric not only gives you similar — or greater power — than you’d get with a gas mower, it cuts emissions to zero. Electric is the responsible choice for those who care about the future of the planet.

Bottom line: when you find the right electric mower, it won’t give you the same get-up-and-go as a gas mower. It gives you even more. You don’t have to pollute the environment to get the results you need. Be part of the solution that moves us towards a greener, more sustainable futureconnect with Mean Green today or click here to locate a dealer near you.