Finally! You’ve finished mowing a big lot full of overgrown grass. But the job’s not done. You’ve got to go back and clean up all the clippings, leaves, and other organic litter that flew into the road or the client’s parking lot. Have time for that before moving on to the next job or task on your to-do list? We didn’t think so! The all-electric, zero gas ORV-Blast will make quick work of any debris in your way.

Save Time with the Off-Road Vehicle Commercial Electric Debris Blower

Designed for use with the CXR mower, the ORV-Blast electric blower delivers powerful 2 speed 120/155 MPH velocity, up to 510 CFM air flow, and all-day run times. So, what does this mean? That you can blow debris out of the way quickly, easily, and efficiently for all jobs, no matter how large.

Designed with the Operator in Mind

ORV-Blast saves you time, and this includes installing it. The aluminum construction is not only strong and durable, it is light enough to easily pick up and attach to the front of your CXR mower. Seconds later, you’re ready to go. The CXR power port supplies the “juice” to run the electric powered ORV-Blast, and you control it with a remote from the regular operator’s position.

You can turn your mower into a lean, mean, green, debris-cleaning machine instantly, saving yourself untold time and hassle.

Designed with the Environment in Mind

Believe it or not, traditional mowing is incredibly toxic to the environment. Gas-powered models are notoriously inefficient, and despite their relatively small size, mowers produce disproportionately high levels of emissions.

The ORV-Blast completely eliminates emissions. Zero. None. It runs on the same Mean Green Lithium battery used to power the mower, cutting out fuel costs. Not a drop of gas is used, and, of course, you don’t burn up even more fuel running to the gas station!

This optional accessory is also low-noise: at 60 dba, the debris blower is as quiet as soft background music, an air conditioning unit at 100 feet, or a normal conversation. Compare this to a typical gas-powered mower with a decibel level of 90 – 100. Noise pollution is more than just an annoyance: it has an adverse effect on both people and animals.

Any step you can take to save time and help save the environment is a step in the right direction. ORV-Blast is designed with you in mind. Locate a dealer near you to learn more about Mean Green Mowers!