Mowing – it’s a hallmark of summer for many homeowners, but if you’ve ever had a case of lawn envy, you may wonder what you can do to make sure that your lawn looks as fantastic as those you’ve seen on the cover of magazines. Often it just comes down to better mowing technique, and these tips can help get you there.

Don’t Watch the Calendar

According to Family Handyman, a resource for many of your upcoming DIY projects, mowing on a strict schedule is not the way to move forward. Once summer growing season starts, many people decide on a given day of the week to mow. Instead, it’s best to monitor the growth of your grass rather than looking at the calendar to decide whether it’s time to mow. If it’s beginning to look a bit shaggy, it’s certainly time to get the mower out.

Mow Dry Grass

Many are tempted to mow the grass when it’s wet or heavy with dew. Instead, make your time to mow when your lawn is completely dry. Wait until a few days after it’s rained to handle the mowing. You may also want to monitor your time of day when you mow. Typically if you wait until late afternoon or evening, you’ll find your lawn is dry enough to mow. Wondering why mowing wet grass is such a problem? When the lawn is wet, the individual blades of grass usually stick together. That means thatthe cut may end up uneven. More than that, though, you could actually damage your lawn. The clippings themselves could clog your mower.

Slow Down!

You’re in a hurry to finish the mowing so you can have a bit more free time on your hands. It’s tempting to rush through it, but this is a task that demands precision! Mowing too quickly could leave your grass looking a bit uneven! It could also leave heaps of grass clippings in various spaces on your lawn, which may create issues for your grass in the future.

Shake Off Your Pattern!

Always mow the same way? Stop. If you vary the pattern, you’re going to actually help your grass grow a bit healthier. Grass blades grow in the direction they were last mowed. If you alternate the pattern of the way you mow, you’ll have grass that grows straighter which can help you actually see how healthy it is. Talk about curb appeal! Mowing in a different pattern can also help to avoid ruts from the wheels of your mower, which could help prevent damage to your lawn.

Sharpen the Blade!


Many people offer this advice to those looking for more beautiful lawns, but there’s a good reason for that. Dull lawn mower blades can actually tear the grass. You want your lawn mower to actually cut the grass, not tear it. Sharpen your blades at least once a season to make certain that’s happening. Besides these tips, owning the right mower can actually help a lot. Shop our complete catalog of Mean Green Zero Emission mowers for a healthier lawn.