Just like lush green grass in the summer, the landscaping and lawn care industry is growing! There is incredible demand from aging populations, homeowners who want to boost curb appeal, and commercial properties that need to appeal to tenants, visitors, and communities. At the same time, it is more difficult to find competent, reliable labor to fill the need. It can leave those of us in the lawn care business scrambling to complete jobs. Mean Green has you covered.

Mean Green is partnering with The Kobi Company, a leader in innovative robotics solutions, to develop and bring you a safe, affordable autonomous commercial electric mower.


Mean Green 74” EVO & 48” NXR Autonomous Mowers: Reliable, Hard-Working Employees

There have been attempts to bring large, commercial-grade autonomous mowers to the market, but these models have been plagued by issues with safety, performance, reliability, and price. Mean Green and Kobi are developing a zero-turn electric mower that features Kobi’s high tech robotic automation technology. Mean Green President Joe Conrad calls it a “natural fit.”

The 74” EVO and 48” NXR concepts offer all the power and muscle you need for big jobs with the quiet, efficient, zero-emissions you expect from Mean Green. The autonomous mower will be able to do the work of two employees, and with no fuel and very little maintenance requirements, you’re looking at savings of $20 – $30 an hour. Why not measure your ROI in months instead of years?

Andrew Ewen, CEO of Kobi says, ““We have designed our autonomous mowing module with mower speed, accuracy, and safety in mind. By using the latest in computer vision technology and artificial intelligence, we have been able to produce a system that can easily navigate any environment, even below trees and up close to buildings.”


Mean Green’s autonomous mowers will empower your business to keep up with demand and relieve the pressure of labor shortages. And, as always, the 100%-USA-made mowers deliver exceptional, green performance.

Pending certification under ANSI/OPEI 60335-2-107-2019 Robotics – the first ever ANSI standard for robotic lawn mowers – we’ll start exclusive testing in 2020 and plan to produce units starting in 2021.

Mean Green is built on a foundation of quality, environmental responsibility, strength, power, and reliability. Our autonomous mowers are an exciting step towards a green future for all of us – and they’ll be the hard workers you need to run a thriving business. Locate a dealer near you to learn more about the current lineup of Mean Green Mowers and the electric advantage.