There is no doubt that operating an electric mower versus a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) mower delivers tremendous benefits to the environment. With zero gas and zero emissions – not to mention low noise – your electric mower combines eco-conscious design with the power you need to get the job done.

But… while you’re doing your part to protect the planet, what’s happening with your budget. How much does an electric mower save you over the course of its life cycle? Our convenient Savings Calculator gives you the answer.


Electric Mower vs. ICE Mower

Our simple Savings Calculator allows you to input several variables in order to determine your return-on-investment and the life cycle savings you can realize. Let’s walk through an example so you can see how it works.

Say you invest in a $23,900 electric mower for your business. A comparable ICE mower may cost just about $12,000 – but that doesn’t tell us the whole story. Thinking ahead, assume average gas prices will be about $4.00 a gallon over the next four years, and the average cost for electricity per kilowatt hour is $0.13.

Plug in your ICE routine maintenance costs per hour (let’s say $2 on average), the number of hours you mow each year (700), and then the hourly gross revenue increase ($2.75 for our example).

Given these numbers in our hypothetical situation, the initial price difference is $11,900, but since your electric mower will always be worth thousands more than a gas mower due to the “second-life” value of the lithium batteries, the real difference is only about half the initial price difference. Your electric mower operation savings, though, will equal $8372 a year. In just over 6 months years, you’ll achieve a complete return-on-investment.

Resale Value?

If you sell your electric mower at 3000 hours, your resale value is $7,170, compared to just $1800 for an ICE mower. At this point, your cost of ownership is $8870 – or $2.96 per hour. The cost of ownership for an ICE mower: $39,000 – or $13 an hour!

What if you sell at 5000 hours? These numbers are looking just as good. Your resale value is about $3585, compared to $600 for an ICE mower. With an electric mower, your total cost of ownership is $7,215 – or $1.44 per hour. For an ICE model, you’re looking at a total cost of ownership of $59,400 – or $11.88 per hour.

Many people and business owners ask, “Can I afford an electric mower?” A more relevant question is, “Can I really afford to run an ICE mower for $12 – $13 per hour?” It’s important to look at the full picture when making decisions about your mowing equipment.

In addition to the cost savings possible with quality electric mowers, you can often leverage the “green” advantage to attract new, high-margin customers or increase your pricing as you offer a premium service. This allows you to earn more per hour and see an even bigger return.

Wondering how much you can save with an electric mower vs. an ICE mower? Plug in the numbers with our Savings Calculator and find out! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Mean Green team; we’re happy to help you navigate features and savings so you can grow your business to new heights.