If you’ve been shopping for electric lawn mowers, you’re likely already aware of the some of the personal incentives involved. After all, they’re inexpensive to maintain, inexpensive to run, and they can help further your commitment to a greener planet. Most people believe the incentives tied to electric lawn equipment are all personal. What if they were wrong? What if there were serious financial incentives involved in purchasing electric lawn equipment? There are, and thanks to unique programs across the country, you could enjoy some real bonuses when you purchase Mean Green. 

What Are Industry Incentives? 

Across the United States, you’ll find a variety of environmental initiatives aimed at helping customers adopt a variety of eco-friendly technologies. In fact, one study found that the U.S. promotes more environmental initiatives than any other country, and for good reason – they have the power to very quickly reduce emissions of all types across the country. By making energy efficient technology more affordable, state and local governments, as well as the federal government, can make it possible to build a greener country far faster. There are tax credits, rebates, and savings programs throughout the U.S. to make things a bit greener in every possible way, and many of them are advertised through the U.S. Energy Department  

As with many other industries like solar power, the lawn care industry has a set of initiatives aimed at making electric lawn equipment more affordable and easier to buy than ever before. From a $1,000 electric lawn mower rebate program in Vermont to an exchange program in California, the number of incentive opportunities around the country involving electric lawn care equipment is only growing, and that could mean good things if you’re interested in upgrading your own equipment.  

Finding the Right Opportunity 

At Mean Green, we know it can be confusing to find a rebate that actually works for you, so we’ve built a section of our site to help you take a closer look at all of the available programs across the country. We not only list each incentive, but also some key facts about the program like the funds available and what you have to do to qualify. We also link to the actual program’s website so you can get all of your questions answered by the group offering the incentive. Additionally, we offer a complete map of dealerships offering Mean Green products near you so you can take advantage of these fantastic programs.  

Making Green More Accessible for Everyone

A greener planet really does begin at home, and it can be part of nearly every aspect of your life, including your lawn care plan. Take a look at the various ways to go green at EnergyStar.gov, then start shopping for your Mean Green machine to take care of your lawn. We’ll help you find the perfect incentive to meet your needs, and you can be just a bit greener at home whether you’re inside or outside. We’re working to make green just a little more accessible for everyone, and you can help by taking advantage of the many industry incentives available today.