In the past, environmentally-friendly, or “green,” mowers could not keep up with, much less compete with, conventional rivals. Thanks to innovation and advances in technology, lean, mean electric lawn equipment not only allows commercial gardeners, landscapers, and facilities to maintain beautiful grounds, but to move (and mow) towards a greener future.

And thanks to a South Coast Air Quality Management District program, that future is closer than ever.

Making the Swap with SCAQMD

SCAQMD is an agency that regulates air quality in Southern California — and it has some of the most rigorous standards in the country. The organization is putting their money where their mouth is: they’ve just announced $2.5 million in incentive funds that will help commercial landscapers and gardeners, local governments, colleges, school districts, and nonprofits invest in electric commercial-grade lawn equipment.

This program allows eligible participants to exchange loud, polluting, gas- or diesel-powered lawn and garden equipment for zero emissions electric alternatives.

How Does It Work?

When you scrap an equivalent piece of gas-powered or diesel-powered lawn equipment, you receive incentive funding with which to purchase an electric replacement.

What happens to the old equipment? It is tested, drained of all fluids, sent to a licensed dismantler, and ultimately, destroyed. One small step for the planet, one giant step for the health of your community!

You then choose an equivalent replacement from various makes and models — from leaf blowers to ride-on mowers — and see a sizeable discount at the point of sale. In some cases, this can be up to a 60% savings. If you’ve been meaning to upgrade anyway, this is an especially advantageous deal. And consider the fuel savings! You can recoup your 40% investment in no time, and green is a great selling point with clients, tenants, residents, employees, and others.

SCAQMD Executive Officer Wayne Nastri says, “With these incentive funds, we are helping to put cleaner, quieter, more efficient and emissions-free lawn equipment into the hands of gardeners and landscapers throughout our region.”

A Greener Future with Mean Green

Conventional gas-powered and diesel-powered mowers are major sources of pollution. Did you know that using a 24 HP commercial zero-turn mower for just one hour produces as much emissions as 88 cars driving at 55 MPH?

That’s just the start: operators (and those nearby) are exposed to toxic fumes and particulates, including carcinogens like benzene and butadiene. Long-term exposure can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, cancer, neurological conditions, and stroke. And, of course, you risk your hearing when operating a 100dB+ mower for hours at a time.

Electric mowers cut emissions and fuel use to zero; they cut noise substantially; they eliminate gas and diesel spills. And they get the job done.

If you’re standing on, walking behind, or pushing a traditional gas mower, do yourself, your clients, your community, and the planet a favor: take advantage of SCAQMD’s incentive program and make the swap to lean, mean, green commercial lawn equipment.

Mean Green Mowers is proud to be part of the SCAQMD program. Learn more from SCAQMD, connect with Mean Green today or click here to locate a dealer near you.