The opportunity to save with solar power is an exciting prospect for many people who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and make the world just a little bit greener. After all, the sun shines for free nearly every day.  Capturing a small piece of that sunshine and converting it to energy, means fewer emissions and less strain on the grid, as well as less reliance on problematic energy sources like fossil fuels. For most people, that kind of savings is a pay off in and of itself, but for others, they need a little extra incentive – a financial one – to really make the conversion to solar power, especially when it comes to something like lawn equipment. So how much can you really save with solar power for your mower? Does it really make good financial sense? Absolutely. Take a look at exactly how it can save you money.  

Reduced Fuel Consumption 

A solar powered mower will mean you never need to refill the tank. You can throw away the funnel and the gas can and dump those pricey trips to the pump just so you can mow the lawn.  

Reduced Electricity Costs 

If you’ve already stopped consuming fuel and gone with an electric mower, good job. The chances are good, though, that you’re still costing yourself money every time you recharge your mower’s battery. A solar powered mower could eliminate that problem entirely.  

Reduced Maintenance 

Solar powered mowers don’t require the level of maintenance that traditional mowers do. Thanks to a number of technology enhancements, you’ll find maintenance far easier (and cheaper) with an electric mower.  

Understanding How Much Cash You Will Save with Solar Power 

You know how it’s going to save you money, now, but not exactly how much money it’s going to save. That equation is a bit more complicated. It is possible to do some estimation, though, to come up with a number. Depending on fuel and electricity costs in your area, as well as the size of your lawn, the cost savings can be significant. If you’re currently running a gas mower, you’re using somewhere between one and two gallons of gas every time you mow. If you take the average cost of gas currently, $2.25/gallon, you can easily see how you might spend $5 every single time you mow your lawn. Depending on how frequently you mow during peak season, that’s quite a bit of cash. 

If you’re currently running an electric mower, think about this. An electric mower typically costs you between twenty and sixty cents an hour to run. If you find yourself mowing the yard for an hour or two every time you mow and you mow twice a week during peak season, you could be spending almost $50 during peak season alone to mow your lawn. Add that to the smaller lawn maintenance chores over the course of the year, and going solar suddenly makes a lot of sense.  

Go Solar Now 

At Mean Green, we offer a 200 watt solar panel that will run any of our mowers. You can even use it to power other things in your home when the season is over. Take a look at just how much you could save by going solar with us today.