Energy costs are increasing and now, more than ever, individuals are looking for ways to create energy efficient improvements both inside their homes and around their properties. From installing solar panels to investing in energy efficient lawn mowers, people are looking to be a bit greener in their everyday lives.  

The payoff for most people is twofold. It feels great to go green. More than that, though, everyone is hoping to save a bit of cash these days. Are energy efficient improvements actually going to help you save money? The answer might surprise you.   

A U.S. Department of Energy Estimate 

Saving money is possible, but according to the U.S. Department of Energy, what you end up saving depends on what changes you make. Moreover, they report that energy efficient improvements tends to be the more expensive option in the short term, but the savings you experience over the life of the energy efficient product actually offsets the initial added cost and means quite a bit of savings in the long run. Most households, according to their estimates, could find a savings of $2,200 every year.  

The Most Effective Energy Efficient Improvements 

Wondering how to ensure you get the savings you want while making energy efficient upgrades? You may want to consider these changes.  

  • Add Insulation: Adding insulation to your home is one of the most cost-effective changes you can make. If you have a 500 square foot space, you’ll spend under $300 for insulation, and you’ll notice the savings as soon as it’s cool outside. You may even be able to qualify for tax credits.  
  • Change Your Windows: Whether you change out the whole window or you just install storm windows, you could experience a real payback come summer’s heat or winter’s cold. Basic storm windows run less than $100, and they could not only mean more energy efficiency inside energyyour home, but a greater overall home value as well.  
  • Buy New Bulbs: If you change the bulbs in your home to LEDs from traditional incandescentbulbs, you could save money both initially on your bill and in the long run. A single LED runs just a few dollars, but it may last as long as 50,000 hours. Compare that to the lifespan of an incandescent bulb – just 1,200 hours – and you can see why you might be able to save over time. You can save right away too, though, because LEDs use six times less energy. 
  • Upgrade Your Equipment: Whether you’re talking about changing out your appliances or moving to an electric mower, an upgrade here could have you saving quite a bit of cash. Appliance upgrades can save as much as 20% of the energy you might traditionally use. Electric mowers can cost you a bit more initially, but given that you won’t ever have to worry about putting gas in it and the fact that they just tend to last longer, it can spell a real savings over time.  

Making energy efficient upgrades is a great way to keep your own cost of living down while helping curb emissions and energy use. Our complete line of electric lawn care products was designed to help. Learn more when you contact us today.