It’s a perfect storm: labor shortages, increasing demand for your services, rising fuel and maintenance costs, consumer pressure to go green…. The landscaping industry faces a number of challenges, to be sure. But you? You’re tough. You’re lean, you’re mean, and – when you leverage the performance and power of commercial electric mowers – you’re also green. With Mean Green Mowers on your side, you can:

Advertise Your Commitment to Sustainable, Environmentally Responsible Practices

Increasingly, consumers want to put their support behind companies that have implemented green practices. The majority of consumers believe that their activities – e.g. recycling, donating items, buying green products/services – have a positive impact, and they want businesses to help them make a difference.

Running a fleet of electric commercial mowers is a key competitive differentiator and selling point. Mean Green Mowers are also low noise, which appeals to schools, nursing homes, care facilities, and other organizations that want and need to minimize distraction.

You can also highlight green benefits to attract employees. Many people enjoy working outdoors (the benefits are many); offering opportunities to do so – without inhaling toxic gas fumes or damaging their hearing – can help you fight the labor shortage on another front.

Save Major Green

Mean Green Electric Mowers offer exceptional savings: no fuel to buy, very little maintenance requirements to meet, no costly parts repairs or replacements to schedule, no downtime to drain profitability….  And you can also factor in rebates, tax breaks, and other financial incentives offered at local, state, and federal levels.

Compete in the Landscaping Industry

The good news: the demand for landscaping services is generally robust. More good news: with innovative solutions from Mean Green Mowers, you have the tools you need to overcome challenges related to cost, labor shortages, and competition.

The Future Is Green and Autonomous

Make Data-Driven Decisions

There’s no time to waste, no money to waste, no manpower to waste. Every resource must be used optimally. When you are able to access data and use it to make informed decisions, you can drive your business towards greater efficiency and profitability.

Currently in development, Mean Green’s autonomous mowers will feature an integrated fleet management system providing actionable information about location, hours of runtime, predictive maintenance, efficiency, and financial return. With a simple, intuitive dashboard, you’ll have the insight you need to make sound decisions right at the tip of your fingers.

Addressing the Landscaping Labor Shortage

It’s no secret that the landscaping industry is facing a labor shortage. Nationwide, tens of thousands of positions are going unfilled, and this is putting intense pressure on companies. With our fully electric 74” EVO & 48” NXR Autonomous Mowers, you’ll reduce a crew of two down to one – and get as much done in the same amount of time. If you are sufficiently staffed, you’ll be able to direct employees to tasks that require human decision-making and skill.

Mean Green’s autonomous mowers will always be on time, never take a sick day, and will be great at their job. The KobiVision system will be able to calculate position ensuring the mowers are accurate to within half an inch. In contrast to systems that rely on beacons, wires, and/or GPS, our electric beasts will be faster, more reliable, and accurate. They won’t need clear skies, a base station, or a good satellite connection to work. They’ll be ready to go, whenever you need them.

With Mean Green Mowers autonomous mowers, you will not only solve labor shortage issues, manage costs, and satisfy customers, you will be a key part of the solution as we work towards a green future. Mean Green and Kobi will be testing our autonomous mowers in 2020, with production planned for 2021. Stay tuned to our blog for news and updates or locate a dealer today to learn more about our current lineup of electric mowers.