Frequent routine maintenance costs you both time and money. With traditional mowers, it doesn’t matter if you have it or not: you’ve got to carve out room in your budget and your day to keep your machine in good running order. But if you’d rather be out cutting grass — and costs — there is a solution: low-maintenance electric mowers.

A Traditional Maintenance Checklist

  • Check your oil before each use

  • Change your oil

  • Replace your oil filter

  • Check and clean your spark plugs

  • Examine your air filter for loose/damaged parts

  • Replace air filter element

  • Replace fuel filter

  • Check your belts

  • Monitor your cooling system

  • Watch for fuel leaks

And don’t forget those other as-needed tasks: rebuilding carb/injectors, replacing belts, pulleys, or clutches, repairing fuel leaks, and more. The costs add up to thousands of dollars over the life of your mower — not to mention the hours your machine is out of service as you attend to these budget-busting maintenance jobs.

Get Back to Work with the Mower of the Future

Here’s your routine maintenance checklist for an electric mower:

  • Grease the two grease fittings on the front wheels every 50 – 100 hours.

Yes, that’s it.

With no internal combustion engine, your maintenance to-do list is virtually non-existent. This can save you as much as $3000 – $5000 over the life of your mower. That’s sure to come in handy!

When you own a gas mower, costly, time-consuming maintenance is part of the package. The ongoing expense of owning and operating these models is a drain. With advanced electric mowers, you can realize a return on your investment instead.

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