Ride-On ZTR Mower Model Comparison

You need a mower that can handle any job your clients throw at you. You need a mower that delivers great results. You need a mower that provides an excellent return on your investment. And you want a mower that reduces environmental impact, that reduces noise, that reduces the time and money you spend on maintenance.

Don’t compromise. Go green. You can get everything you need and want with one of Mean Green’s electric ride-on mowers. But which one?

Your Options

The CXR-52/60, SK-48 Stalker, and NXR-48/52 Nemesis all give new meaning to the term “lean mean green machine.” Before we dive into the differences, let’s take a look at how these mowers are similar.

These aren’t your garden-variety mowers; they are designed to reduce environmental impact, operational costs, and hassle. All while increasing efficiency and convenience.

Which Is Right for You?

Take a side-by-side look at each of Mean Green’s ride-on electric mowers:

Are you handling residential and light commercial jobs? The stand-on Stalker is your go-to. It’s lean, light, agile, and ready to work. It also has exceptional power, run time, and speed. It is light enough to maneuver with ease, and the low center of gravity makes it great for those hair-raising, hill-hugging turfs. You’ll get those hard-to-reach areas without breaking a sweat.

The CXR is one of the big boys of commercial mowers. It’s perfect for your large commercial jobs (and with the custom lumbar comfort seat, you’ll be sitting easy the whole time). You’ll be able to tackle slopes as well as level terrain while adjusting cutting heights up to 5” quickly and easily. The CXR’s horsepower exceeds that of most gas-powered mowers, so don’t worry about power. You’ve got plenty. You also have plenty of “juice” to make it through those bigger jobs.

This green mower is designed for job-to-job, all-day use and, like all hand-built Mean Green Mowers, it can easily withstand the wear and tear, use and abuse of loading and unloading.

Now, the Nemesis is a bit of a cross between the Stalker and the CXR. It’s super-light, agile, and stealthy. A worthy adversary for tough terrain, stubborn grass, and picky clients! It’s optimal for residential and light commercial jobs, and the custom lumbar comfort seat will make you feel like every job is a leisure drive in the park.

What’s on your to-do list? Residential mowing? Light commercial? Heavy commercial? A mix? Mean Green has the mower to get the job done. Find out which model is right for you. Contact us today with questions.