Saving energy is a big job for anyone throughout the year, but it may seem particularly complicated in the winter when you’re cold, and you just want to bundle up and bump the thermostat a little higher. Even in the winter, though, there are some simple steps you can take to save energy. Take a look at five of the easiest ones you can utilize this year as the temperatures drop.

1. Use Energy Efficient Appliance and Equipment to Maintain and Run Your Home: The single best way to save energy, winter or summer, is to make sure you’re using energy efficient appliances and equipment. From choosing an electric lawn mower for those last few mowing sessions of the season and to help mulch leaf litter to selecting an energy efficient furnace, you’ll certainly want to make sure you’re using equipment that will help you stay just a little bit greener and use less energy in the process.

2. Weatherproof Your Home: If you know the cold weather is headed your way in the near future, do what you can to weatherproof your home. You can upgrade your storm windows, add additional insulation to your attic, and even cover your sliding glass doors with plastic film to help keep the heat inside your home for the winter. The U.S. Department of Energy has lots of great ideas about how to weatherproof any home.

3. Bundle Up: Rather than adding a few degrees to your thermostat, you may want to add a few extra layers while you’re in the house. Every degree you drop your thermostat in the winter helps to save you money and save the world a bit more energy, so if you need to add a quilted vest or some cozy slippers to your attire when you come in from working outside, do it.

4. Maintain Your Furnace: Old, outdated furnaces tend to suck more energy than you may realize, and in return, they don’t put as much heat into your home as they could be. Replace your furnace if you need to, but if you just invest in some yearly maintenance, you could save quite a bit of energy. Clean and replace the furnace filters as recommended, and enlist the help of a professional to get an annual furnace tune up. You’ll want to replace the filters in your heating vents if you have them too. If not, clean out the dust and make sure none of the vents in your home are blocked. It will help to increase the airflow.

5. Consider Solar Power: One final tip to save some energy is to consider using solar power to help run the appliances in your home. Solar panels can be attached to various pieces of equipment to help save you some money and keep your energy usage to a minimum. Our 200 watt solar panel is the perfect way to power your electric mower in the spring and summer and power an electric blanket and your laptop in the winter!

It may seem tougher to save energy in the winter, but with a few simple tips, you’ll stay cozy, warm, and green throughout the season. Connect with us to learn more about the energy saving products available from Mean Green.