A recent report by 11,258 scientists representing various disciplines from 153 countries issued a direct and unambiguous statement: the planet “clearly and unequivocally faces a climate emergency.” The state of the environment is not a political jousting point: it is fact.

The brutally honest “World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency” study stated: “Despite 40 years of global climate negotiations, with few exceptions, we have generally conducted business as usual and have largely failed to address this predicament.” The emergency, scientists say, is caused by human behaviors that are increasing greenhouse gas emissions. We cannot afford “business as usual” anymore.

So why don’t we try business as unusual?

It Just “Made Sense”

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and that holds true for Mean Green Mowers. Dealing with countless (pricey) trips to the gas station, suffering headaches from exhaust fumes and ringing ears from engine noise, and putting up with expensive repairs to hydrostatic drives, belts, and engines, not mention all that downtime, Mean Green Mowers founders Joe and Matt Conrad, decided there must be a better way. In 2008, they set out to build an efficient zero turn commercial mower.

And they did just that. Mean Green was founded on the idea that there is a better way. We are addressing the climate emergency – and, moreover, helping our customers make a difference.

Delivering Commercial Mowers That Produce Zero Emissions

Conventional gas-powered mowers are among the least efficient and most polluting products on the market today. Put it this way: if your car was only 20% efficient, wouldn’t you junk it and trade up? Emissions are more than 30 times worse than gas-powered vehicles. In fact, using a little 2-cycle string trimmer produces as much emissions in one hour as a full-sized pickup truck traveling 3000+ miles. This is unbelievable!

Perhaps what is unbelievable is that this is acceptable. It’s business as usual. We don’t think so. We can do better, and we are: replacing one of your conventional gas-powered mowers with one of Mean Green Mowers’ electric models is the equivalent of taking 140 cars off the road per year. And they get the job done just as well – or, we’d argue, better.

Reducing Reliance on Fossil Fuels

This is another area of concern expressed in the climate study. A major goal of climate activists is to ensure that remaining fossil fuels (e.g. coal, oil) stay in the ground and are not burned for energy. This is unlikely to happen anytime soon, but the need to “implement massive energy efficiency and conservation practices” is clear – and pressing. Mean Green uses zero fossil fuels. Our mowers are 100% electric, and we also offer solar accessories to help you take advantage of passive energy.

You don’t have to run to the gas station or worry about filling up. You also don’t have to worry about spilling fuel. According to the EPA, about 17 million gallons of fuel (primarily gasoline) is spilled when refueling lawn/landscaping equipment each year. Think about this: the devastating 1989 Exxon Valdez spill released 10.8 million gallons – 6.2 million gallons less than we splash into the environment each and every year.

No fossil fuels, no fossil fuel leaks. Simple.

Using Sophisticated Technology – While Reducing “Moving Parts”

Most commercial mowers have a maintenance list a mile long. You’ve got to think about oil and fuel filters, spark plugs, air filters, belts, cooling systems… and on and on. While Mean Green Mowers put the most advanced technology into action to ensure the job gets done, we eliminate the elements associated with a conventional system.

To oversimplify, there is a lot less that can go wrong. Our machines are made to last (100% hand-built in Ross, Ohio, folks!). They’ll live a very long, very useful life – which means you do not have to replace parts or entire mowers often. Not only is lower maintenance good for your budget, it’s good for the environment.

Working Towards a Green Future

While there are those who argue the point, over 11,000 of the world’s leading scientists have signed their names (and their reputations) to a report telling us in no uncertain terms that we are in the midst of a climate emergency. They’re also telling us that we still have time to act. Mean Green Mowers is committed to being part of the solution, and you can be too. Contact us to learn more about the Electric Advantage.