As a town, city, or metro area, you face a number of tough questions. How do you create a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors? How do you ensure your city or town is conducive to work and recreation? How do you appeal to green-conscious consumers? How do you cut costs without cutting quality of living? Electric mowers can play a key role in helping you achieve all of these goals and build a vibrant city of the future – today. 

Municipalities can enjoy the following benefits of electric mowers: 

1. Great (Green) PR

 There is tremendous cache to being known as a green city/town; residents want to live in an area that is as healthy as possible and know their officials are taking steps to ensure a more sustainable future. Promoting the benefits of your environmental initiatives, including using electric mowers (which produce zero emissions) to reduce your carbon footprint, gives you an edge when it comes to attracting homeowners, renters, businesses, and tourists.  

2. Low Noise 

Gas-powered mowers emit dangerous levels of noise: the average commercial mower produces between 95-100 decibels (dB) – which is equivalent to a jet taking off or a jackhammer. Over long periods, this can damage hearing.  

While your landscape and lawn care teams use protection, the residents, employees, and visitors of your municipality do not. The noise from gas-powered mowers can be extremely disruptive and unpleasant. 

Mean Green Mowers emit a maximum of 80dB – which is the equivalent to low background conversation in a restaurant. Exponentially quieter, there is far less noise pollution, nuisance, and distraction during mornings and work hours.

3. Low Operating and Maintenance Costs

Municipalities are always searching for ways to stretch their dollars further without impacting their ability to provide quality services and a positive experience for residents, businesses, and visitors. While mowing is one line item, you can make significant reductions in both operating and maintenance costs for your property upkeep. 

Electric mowers do not have internal combustion engines; there is no gas and oil. Your maintenance crew won’t need to check and change air and fuel filters, belts, clutches, carbs/injectors, etc. You don’t have to worry about costly leaks or taking your crews off the job to attend to repairs. All your crew needs to do is grease two fittings on the front tires every 50-100 hours and keep the blades sharp.  

Your crews will be out on the job, rather than in the shop, and you’ll save $3000-$5000 over the life of every mower in your fleet in operating costs. 

4. LEED Points

 You can earn one quick and easy LEED point when you use Mean Green Mowers. Per the LEED Building Operations and Maintenance Manual, if you use “all manual or electric-powered equipment in all site management operations,” you earn a point. Again, this is a great selling point and public relations message to put out there: your city cares, is committed to sustainability, and is taking action.  

The benefits of electric mowers are many: you’ll realize advantages to your bottom line and your city’s reputation. Be part of the solution that moves us towards a greener, more sustainable futureconnect with Mean Green today or click here to locate a dealer near you.