Electric mowers are revolutionizing the market; with zero gas, zero emissions, low noise levels, and minimal routine maintenance, they are as environmentally-friendly as they are cost-effective. But how powerful can an electric mower battery be? It can be a little confusing! So, let’s cut through the clutter and find your answer.

Ready to learn more than you ever wanted to know about the power of electric mower batteries?

We’ll start with voltage and amp hours. We know what you’re thinking: I want a powerful mower, so bigger is better! This is exactly what a lot of companies (and their marketing departments) want you to think. The truth is that neither voltage or amp hours is as important as power and capacity.

Don’t Think High Voltage: Think High Power

A more powerful battery can perform more work in a specified period of time. Makes sense. Voltage is only part of that equation though.

Hope you like math!

The whole equation is:

Voltage x Current = POWER.

So, let’s say that Electric Mower A has a 48V (Voltage) battery and a 1.7KW (Power) motor. Electric Mower B has a 72V (Voltage) battery and a 1.7KW (Power) motor.

Now, if you believe the “bigger is better” myth perpetuated by some manufacturers, Electric Mower B is the better choice. It has a higher voltage battery. Hold on! Remember the whole equation: Voltage x Current = Power.

Electric Mower A: 48 (Voltage) x X (Current) = 1700W, or 1.7KW (Power)

Electric Mower B: 72 (Voltage) x X (Current) = 1700W, or 1.7KW (Power)

To solve for X – to figure out the current – we divide 1700 by 48. Electric Mower A has a current draw of 35.41.

We do the same to figure out the current draw of Electric Mower B. We divide 1700 by 72, which is 23.61.

What does this mean? It means that Electric Mower A is able to pull more power from the power supply (in this case, the 1.7KW motor) than Electric Mower B. This “compensates” for the lower voltage. It also means that Electric Mower A and B have exactly the same amount of power.

More voltage does not necessarily mean a more powerful mower battery.

On to Amp Hours and Capacity

Just like voltage, bigger is not always better when it comes to amp hours. The real key is looking at the capacity, or run time, which is measured in watt hours. Amp hour rating x Voltage = WATT HOUR.

If an electric mower has a 48V battery and 140 amp hour rating, for example, its capacity is 6720Wh, or 6.72 KWh.

Let’s say that this battery is run by a 1.7KW motor. To figure out the capacity or run time: 6720Wh ÷ 1700W = 4 hours of run time.

Again, higher amp hours don’t necessarily mean more running time. It’s important to take a minute and figure it out so you can really compare apples to apples.

Don’t get caught up in the “more is better” thinking when it comes to the voltages and amp hours of electric mower batteries. You want to look at power and capacity. These will tell you what you need to know about your mower’s capabilities. Click here to learn more about our Green Lithium Batteries or check out the mower of the future for yourself. Be part of the solution that moves us towards a greener, more sustainable futureconnect with Mean Green today or click here to locate a dealer near you.