Ross, Ohio, is home to a little more than 3400 people, the renowned Stricker’s Grove (an eccentric amusement park with wooden roller coasters that’s open to the public a whopping two days a year), and acres of farmland. This small agricultural community is also where Mean Green Mowers are manufactured.

Every material, every component, that goes into a Mean Green Mowers product is of the highest quality. Cutting corners isn’t allowed on your turf, and it’s not allowed in the design, development, or manufacture of these electric mowers.

But what exactly does “built in the USA” mean? When it comes to Mean Green Mowers, it means:

  • Your mower is hand-built in Ross. From the lightweight, ultra-strong aluminum alloys and steel to the most advanced lithium battery technology, quality is embedded in every aspect of the process. Every mower is meticulously hand-built for superior durability and performance.

  • Every step of the process is completed in the US. That includes design, development, and manufacture. These tasks are not outsourced to foreign countries, and we rely on American-made products and supplies.

  • Jobs. Generating meaningful jobs is critical in supporting the overall economy as well as local families. Building in the USA allows us to create quality employment for skilled, hardworking individuals.

Mean Green Mowers were born from the idea that we can do better; that traditional mowers were too inefficient, too polluting too loud, and too expensive to operate and maintain. It’s the Mower of the Future, and the future starts right here at home.

Be part of the solution that moves us towards a greener, more sustainable futureconnect with Mean Green today or click here to locate a dealer near you.