Get Greener and Meaner with the Solar Assisted Mower Canopy

Electric Mean Green Mowers already eliminate emissions, noxious fumes, and those all-too-frequent trips to the gas station for more fuel. With the Solar Assisted Mower option, you…

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Michelin Airless Turf Tires: A Time — and Sanity — Saving Solution

The unique materials and construction enable airless tires to resist damage, absorb impact, provide excellent side hill stability, and prevent turf damage. They also give you two…

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What it Means to be Built in the USA

What exactly does it mean to be “Built in the USA”? Every material, every component, that goes into a Mean Green Mowers product is of the highest quality. Every step of the…

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Shhh! Turn Down the Volume with Low-Noise Mowers

Instead of the roar of a jet engine, a Mean Green electric mower emits noise levels similar to background conversation in a restaurant.

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Do Your Part for a Greener Future: Zero Emissions

Gas-powered mowers may deliver a green lawn, but with disproportionately high emissions rates, they drive us away from a green future.

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How Low Maintenance Electric Mowers Slash Operating Costs

Frequent routine maintenance costs you both time and money. But if you’d rather be out cutting grass — and costs — there is a solution: low-maintenance electric mowers.

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Get the Results You Need With Zero Gas? Believe It

Electric mowers. Zero gas and great — green — results.

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The Electric Mower Advantage

Electric has the power to revolutionize the residential and commercial mowing industry. Advanced green technology benefits the environment, your neighborhoods and clients, and…

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Ojai Goes Green: How This City Is Solving Big Problems with Breakthrough Technology

It started as a contentious, decades long debate. Since 1999 the City of Ojai has wrestled with implementing, lifting, reinstating, and enforcing a gas-powered leaf blower ban.

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