It never fails. You have a big job on your to-do list, and you’re ready to go. Your mower, on the other hand, is not.

Whether you run a little too close to the woods line and a row of tire-tearing thorns, mow over some hidden glass, or lose pressure due to normal use, you’re out a few hours fixing a flat or sealing the tire to the rim — while the grass grows steadily on. Michelin airless turf tires are designed to eliminate time-wasting tire troubles like this and keep your schedule on track.

Pneumatic vs. Airless Tires

Pneumatic tires are the traditional choice for zero-turn mowers; a rubber tire is mounted to a metal hub and filled with air. And it makes sense. The air helps disperse the weight of the mower to avoid creating ruts on the lawn or other surface (unless your pressure is too low). It also provides a smooth ride.

On the downside, an air-filled tire doesn’t work when it’s not filled with air. A leak will sideline you while you put your patch kit to work. A puncture will leave you scrambling for a replacement tire. When loss of pressure causes the tire to separate from the rim, you’ll waste time sealing it when you could be mowing.

A Smart Solution

Why use the traditional choice when there is a more effective and efficient option? Michelin airless turf tires don’t have the typical tire/wheel/valve construction. They’re a single unit, and once you install them, you don’t have to worry about unseated beads, air pressure, or flats.

These tires feature a heavy gauge steel hub and a unique “shear beam,” which connects to the inner hub with strong, deformable poly-resin spokes. The unique materials and construction enable the airless tires to resist damage, absorb impact, provide excellent side hill stability, and prevent turf damage. They also give you two to three times the wear life of pneumatic tires. That’s less money out of your pocket and less impact on the environment.

You can’t afford to waste time dealing with flats, patches, and replacements. Even if you can, it’s a hassle! Michelin airless turf tires add hours back into your schedule.

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