MGP-BLAST! (patent pending)

Contractor Package: $1,595.00

BLAST! Commercial electric Backpack blower with LEM3614 battery and LEMC-536 charger package

Zero Emissions

Zero Gas

Powerful Quiet operations

$2.00 operational savings per hour

Low routine maintenance


  • Blower weight: 17 lbs
  • Battery weight: 9 lbs
  • ANSI noise level: 58 dba max (quietest available)
  • Battery hour life: 1200 hours
  • 3 hour charger
  • Velocity: 150 mph
  • Volume: 504 CFM
  • Peak power: 4.5 HP
  • Up to 100 min run time (42 min in “Boost” mode)
  • Easy to remove exchangeable battery


  • 1.5 hour fast charger
  • Batty Caddy battery cart

Mean Green Mowers’ patent pending, “BLAST!” Electric Back Pack Blower with Quiet Turbine Technology (QTT)!  The BLAST!  is a powerful, yet quiet backpack blower that compliments the already impressive Mean Green line-up of commercial electric mowers!  This powerful, quiet, electric backpack debris/grass blower provides the ultimate solution to the ever growing problem of loud, smelly, emission producing gas backpack blowers!  Special attention to ergonomic designs provides a comfortable fit, but also allows a lighter load due to the lift from the QTT thrust tube while providing a cool flow of incoming air on the operator’s back.  No more agonizing pull-string starting.  With just the flip of a switch, you are ready to go to work blowing grass clippings, leaves, and debris from any surface. Each single exchangeable Lithium Energy Module permits run times as long as a typical tank of fuel on a gas blower!  With about ¼ the noise and air volume/speed similar to most gas powered backpack blowers, this zero emission, quiet, blower is sure to please your workers and your most demanding customers.  Hotels, resorts, restaurants, HOAs and any particular residential customers will praise this new quiet turbine technology.  Of course zero emissions and low noise also comes with the huge benefit of NO EARPLUGS and NO GAS to purchase!  MOW GREEN, SAVE GREEN$ and Have A BLAST!