The SPEED AND CONTROL YOU NEED to Get the Job Done the First Time

When you're on the job, you don't have time to do it twice because your mower got bogged down in thick, overgrown grass. Only Mean Green combines constant blade speed with our patented blade monitoring system to ensure you maintain faster blade speeds longer, even in the toughest conditions. When mowing conditions get nasty, Mean Green’s blade controllers send more power to the blade motors to prevent tip speed loss, resulting in 25% more power than previous Mean Green models! Our patented blade performance monitoring system shows the operator what each blade is doing and alerts you when slower drive speeds are recommended to maintain the highest blade speed and quality of cut.


No gas or engine maintenance costs. For every hour you mow, put $9 of savings in your wallet! Save $6500* a year if you mow 700 hours!


USA engineered and built for the toughest demands of the landscaping industry.


All day battery capability provides best in class performance and reliability. Mow all the time, no stopping to refuel.


50% quieter than gas-powered mowers, start earlier and mow later without disrupting those in the area.


Relentless electric motors transfer power directly to the blades maintaining a high-speed quality cut. Now with 25% MORE POWER!


No engine exhaust emissions! Fume-free mowing means nothing but the smell of fresh cut grass.